Ashampoo Backup Pro 11.08 Multilingual

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    Description :

    Are you looking for an easy to use yet highly versatile backup solution? Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 takes the fear out of viruses, ransomware or hardware defects! Simply roll your system back to a previous update to get your data back. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 gives you various options to backup individual files or entire disc partitions either on any storage media or in the cloud. User-friendly, intuitive, fast. Even in the event of a total system failure, the integrated emergency application can bring back your system!

    A backup solution for everyone!
    - Backup and restore entire Windows systems
    - Your lifesaver against ransomware
    - New and self-explanatory user interface
    - Well-structured and clear design
    - Handy rescue system with UEFI support
    - New system recovery tool

    The remedy for ransomware and viruses
    No need for reinstallations - the solution against malware. Ransomware takes your computer hostage and encrypts your personal files. Viruses destroy entire systems and take away your control over your PC. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 can reverse these devastating effects with ease! Simply restore a previous backup and all's well again!

    Always up-to-date
    Always up-to-date backups with maximum file encryption. The advanced backup mechanism ensures that only modified portions of your data are stored. This prevents duplicates and provides immense space savings. Modern high quality encryption will protect your files against unauthorized access.

    Store it wherever you like
    Works with any storage format. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 stores your backups on any hard disk, SSD, flash drive or network location. Local backups profit from the newly developed "Infinite Reverse Incremental" technology that requires spectacularly little disk space. Benefit from space savings up to 50%!

    Easy cloud upload
    Store backups on the Internet. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 makes working with Dropbox or Google Drive incredibly easy. Enjoy your independence of traditional storage media! This does not only include traditional file backups but also extends to entire drives! There's built-in support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft
    OneDrive, Strato, 1&1 and many others.

    Versatile data recovery
    Individual files, entire partitions or system recovery. The choice is yours: extract individual files from backups with the help of virtual drives or restore entire partitions! If all else fails, the integrated rescue disc or flash drive will get your PC going again. It will boot again and a working backup will be restored. That's all it takes to get your Windows working again!

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    installation :

    - Install the program.
    - Close backup-service task from tray and from task manager completely.
    - Highly recommended to block the app from calling home via firewall for both incoming and outgoing connections.
    - Replace DLL file inside program directory.
    - Merge the registry 1.
    - Merge the registry 2.
    - Open the app, you won't be asked to enter registration anymore, check license info tab it should show fully activated. Tested by setting system clock forward, no issues.

    Info :

    Title : Ashampoo Backup Pro 11.08 Multilingual
    Language : MultiLanguage
    File Size : 97 mb


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