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    Description :

    Eassos Recovery is a data recovery software program which is based on the core functions of DiskGenius after a further development. It is a special recovery software that is different from DiskGenius, so there is no function on the disk and partition management. The interface is simple and easy to use, especially suitable for the users who are not familiar with the data recovery. In addition the software did a lot of improvement on the function of data recovery, which has a higher success rate on the partition recovery and file recovery than DiskGenius. At the same time, it also add a few data recovery functions that DiskGenius doesn't have.

    The main interface of the software is as below:

    Best Data Recovery Solution
    Eassos Recovery supplies the best data recovery solution for file recovery and partition recovery, which can handle all kinds of data loss problems, for instance, recover deleted files, recover data from formatted or inaccessible partition, restore lost partition and partition table, etc. It supports various storage devices, including IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB hard drive, RAID, USB flash disk, SD card, TF card, virtual disk files created by VMware, Virtual PC and VirtualBox, etc.

    5 Data Recovery Modes Help You Retrieve All Lost Files
    Recover Files From Partition - Recover files from formatted or inaccessible partition.
    Recover Lost Partitions - Search for lost or deleted partition, and then recover its files and restore partition table.
    Recover Files From Disk - Recover files or partitions from an entire disk when the disk is corrupted or wrongly partitioned.
    Recover Deleted Files - Get back deleted files from empty Recycle Bin.
    Load Virtual Disk File - Recover files and partitions from virtual disk file.

    Effective, Flexible and Reliable
    Eassos Recovery offers different data recover modes for all data loss scenarios, which guarantees satisfactory data recovery results;
    Optimal file preview function allows you to view picture, document, audio, and video files and check quality before actual recovery;
    Support both MBR and GPT (GUID) partition table perfectly and all of the major virtual disks.

    Fast and Easy to Use
    The Wizard interface only needs 3 simple steps to recover all lost data and doesn't require any professional skills.
    Step 1 Download and install Eassos Recovery
    Step 2 Select proper recovery mode and storage device to start file scanning. Files found and scanning time are clearly shown to let you know how recovery goes.
    Step 3 Preview files and recover them to a safe location.

    Whats New:
    1. Improve file preview for text files and judge character encoding automatically.
    2. Improve application stability.
    3. Improve the support for mp4 files.

    ScreenShot :


    installation :

    -Copy cr.ack to install directory

    Info :

    Title : Eassos Recovery
    Language : English
    File Size : 28 mb


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