Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium

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    Description :

    Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium combines all of Paragon's technologies and expertise in storage lifecycle management, data protection and sanitization within stand-alone physical and virtual Windows environments. It offers flexible Technician Licensing options for professionals managing mid-size groups of co-located servers.

    Storage lifecycle maintenance for stand-alone virtual or physical Windows Server
    - All-in-One solution for complete server maintenance and disaster recovery
    - Innovative backup imaging technology
    - Support for virtual disks
    - Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines
    - Works with Windows Server
    - Works with Windows 10 Creators Update

    Effective data and storage management
    - Innovative backup imaging technology opens up 10x faster incremental imaging to the net, instant virtualization without restore, fast backup data de-duplication, etc.
    - Differential and incremental backups, and exclusive file complements to minimize storage requirements and optimize backup speeds
    - Exclude filters for enterprise-level applications provide for better backup performance, minimize backup storage requirements, and eliminate interference with special-purpose backup tools
    - Task scheduling and scripting to combine multiple operations in one job and automate the execution (Paragon Retention Wizard and Cyclic Backup to VD Wizard)
    - Any backup destination, including locally mounted/un-mounted partitions, external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, flash drives, network shares, SFTP/FTP servers as well as the secured hidden partition (Backup Capsule)
    - Remote connection of virtual drives through vSphere interface to accomplish drive partitioning, data exchange, or OS migration of Windows virtual environments hosted by ESX
    - Any type of migration for Windows XP SP3 and later platforms ( P2V Copy, P2V Restore, V2P , V2V , P2P , Windows OS to SSD, etc.)
    - Operation with virtual disks as if they were physical ( Connect VD )
    - The fastest and safest partitioning engine on the market - our product does the job with minimal time and risk
    - Automatic partition alignment optimizes the drive for performance and longevity (not all operations are supported**)
    - Fast data exchange between physical and virtual disks, between virtual disks of different hypervisors, or between a virtual disk and its snapshots
    - Exclusive optimization of NTFS file system (MFT defragmentation and shrinking)
    - Easy management of several operating systems on one system

    Encryption and secure wiping
    - Windows BitLocker support in combination with pVHD enables to achieve exceptional protection of OS and personal data from unauthorized access and from data loss
    - Encryption and password protection for backups guarantees security for confidential data
    - 10 wipe algorithms including military and government data erasure standards of several countries to destroy all on-disk information or only remnants of deleted files / directories without affecting the used data
    - Wiping SSDs: irreversible secure data destruction on SSD storage devices

    Latest hardware and software support
    - Support of VMware ESX 4.x/5.x, ESXi 4.x/5.x, VMware Server, MS Hyper-V R1/R2, Virtual Server, Virtual PC 2007, Windows Virtual PC, Oracle Virtual Box 1.0-4.x, VMware Player, Workstation 10.0, Fusion
    - Complete support of GPT/uEFI configurations to successfully clone, migrate, virtualize or restore a 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI-based boot mode; to fix uEFI related boot problems
    - Support for any Windows OS since XP SP3 including the latest Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
    - Latest hardware support, including all SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers, SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks, Blu-ray drives, USB 1.x/2.0/3.0 and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices, PC card storages, and many more...
    - Support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks
    - Support for Microsoft dynamic disks (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5)
    - Support for Windows Storage Spaces
    - Support for Apple Boot Camp configurations

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    installation :

    -Just Install HDM15Premium.msi

    Info :

    Title : Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium
    Language : English
    File Size : 267
    OS : Windows x64


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